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Alnaqsha is an online retail carpet store with multiple branches worldwide. They sell classical and modern carpets up to 72 countries in North America, Europe, the middle east, and east Asia. They had some serious issues with stock management in their local stores, and they were faced with a lack of a unified platform to manage all their process in a place. We made their business get back to business by creating a unified platform from scratch to bring all the features they might need to manage, sell and deliver their product to their customers.

  • Customer Experience
  • Experience Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Data Analysis
  • Content filling
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Improve approachability

Alnaqsha was looking to have a robust solution for their sales force to guide their customers about different characteristics for each carpet. We bring an all-in-one solution that gives all the product variants depending on selecting each carpet while the sales force can talk to their client and give them some suggestions and add the product to their cart.

Improve user experience

Our approach was to bring the best user experience for their sales forces and online customers. We design the point of sale for sales forces to have better and easier access to search and add customers' orders. And for online orders, we make e-commerce to bring all the products and details to review and purchase online.

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2,000+ Content creation

Alnaqsha sells 2000+ products and variations, and we must fill their product details into their new platform. We started to identify their content structure, and by creating an automated process, we were able to fill their content into their new platform.