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Netman is a startup focused on network management tools and services that enable any scale of networks to get centralized and manage them in a unified platform. We joined the Netman team to create their unified platform. We started by making a monitoring area to manage and monitor the latest status of different devices across the network. And we continue to make some other tools like network mapper, network issue manage, and outage management. What we did in this project was significant progress in user experience that gives many advantages to moderators.

  • Experience strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development

Monitor and moderate

Netman was looking to have a unique and accessible network device list that covered all possible details that a moderator would need to operate over the different situations. We put all control buttons on each device detail area to access while a problem occurred, and only general details are available to see on the device listing section.

The network mapper brings drag and drops features to a network manager to create a visual map of networks with all connectivity and features that enable them to create a vast network map with just a couple of clicks.

Network issue manager

Another tool that might help any operator is a network issue manager that lists all issues that occurred in the network with all their dependencies. We transform listing network issues into interactive management that gives a lot of advantages to managing network issues quickly and accurately.

Outage management

Outage management is an announcement tool for operators to announce and review network issues that occurred, and we make it like a calendar that shows all outages for each day with all described details.