Enhancing management
& e-commerce experience
for Alnaqsha




Alnaqsha is an online carpet store with multiple branches worldwide. They sell traditional and modern carpets around the world.

Problem Overview

They had some difficulties with stock management on their local stores and lack of integrated platform to handle all the process.


UX Research
Web Design ( UX / UI Design, prototyping, Animation )
Web Development ( Front-end
& Back-end ) & Database
Graphic Design
Content Creation


Creative Director
Technologist Advisors
Art Director
UX/UI Designers
Project Director
Front-end & Back-end
Project Manager
Copy Writer


the product

Their main issue was the lack of stock management between their physical and online shops, and they had to manage all the things manually.

The only solution that will help them was to make a unified platform which can handle all the process in a single website.

Although they had a different marketing strategy, we prepare solutions for each part of their needs that was not in regular routines and make them normalized.

Mr Carpet Point of sale
Mr Carpet Point of sale
Mr Carpet Point of sale


Then, they needed a fast and robust solution for their sales force to guide their customers about different kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors for each carpet.

 So we come with an idea to make a popup for each product that shows inventories depends on the carpet's shapes, sizes, and colors.

And finally, after they pass the process, the sales force can add the selected items to the cart.

product detail
Advance search

Improving the user experience

Our approach was to be accessible and easy to work and easy to understand the whole process. In the beginning, we decided to make a point of sale concept for salesforce and make an e-commerce concept for clients.

point of sale
single product

Content creation

Our next challenge was to combine more than 2000 products to the platform, but their product's images were not enough well to use them in this project. Finally, we decided to make changes to them to be ready to use for the platform.

Creating world first augmented reality platform for Qubment
Website & Application

Creating world first augmented reality platform for Qubment

We bring our augmented reality engine into their idea and build a unique platform to augment any 3D objects.

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