Creating a total network
management platform
for Netman




Netman is a startup that focused on network management tools and services that enable any scale of networks to get centralized and moderate them in a single platform.


UX Research
Web Design ( UX / UI Design, prototyping, Animation )
Web Development ( Front-end
& Back-end ) & Database


Creative Director
Technologist Advisors
Art Director
UX/UI Designers
Project Director
Front-end & Back-end
Project Manager


Monitor and

First, They needed a monitoring area for their devices to get the latest status about the different situations. Then, they needed a moderation area to have control over all devices and take action depends on device issues.

So we decided to create different concepts depending on their priority, and that was the network mapping area and listed devices area.

In the area of the listed device, we put all control options like getting a ping, trace, Bandwith limit, Bandwith test, flush DNS, flush proxy, etc.

In the area of network mapping, We try to show device connectivity and dependencies to get a better understanding between different devices.

Netman - Devices & Routers
Netman - Network map
Netman - Devices & Routers

Network issue

Another critical area was network issue reporter that alarm network managers and show disconnected devices depend on days and hours.

In this area, we wanted to show general details but with more understanding under less time-consuming, and finally, we decided to display details in a clock style.

Netman - Network Issues
Netman - Network issue between hours
Netman - Network issue detail


They wanted outage management to announce any problem to other network managers and end-users who access their network.

We wanted to classify all outages based on when it occurred and how did it fixed, so we decided to create a calendar for all outages.

Netman - list of outages
Netman - Create an Outage
Netman - Outage detail
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