Creating world first
augmented reality platform
for Qubment




Qubment is an augmented reality platform that prepares 2D and 3D AR solutions for every kind of business. They provide a powerful hub for consumers to put their items in the cloud servers and use them rapidly whenever they need to augment them on reality.


UX Research
Web Design ( UX / UI Design, prototyping, Animation )
Web Development ( Front-end
& Back-end ) & Database
Mobile App
AR Engine


Creative Director
Technologist Advisors
Art Director
UX/UI Designers
Project Director
Front-end & Back-end
Project Manager


What did
they need?

Qubment was a startup that created a powerful augmented reality engine, but they needed to bring their technology into a user-friendly platform.

So we decided to create a landing page to introduce themselves to the customers and investors. Then, they needed a platform that can be reachable from different devices to put their 3D objects in a cloud space.

At last, we design and develop android and IOS applications for users and consumers to use the platform.

They had a beautiful slogan, Vision beyond the galaxy, and that was our main idea to create a powerful concept of how much is this application can be reachable anywhere.

Mr Carpet Point of sale
Mr Carpet Point of sale
Mr Carpet Point of sale

Let's Augment

Our approach was to make a better user experience for end-users who can use Qubment apps in different situations.

So we decided to prepare an offline and online directory that enables people to augment their 3D objects even they don't have any access to cloud servers.

Mr Carpet Point of sale
Mr Carpet Point of sale
Mr Carpet Point of sale
Mr Carpet Point of sale
Creating a total network <br><noscript><img src=

Creating a total network
management platform
for Netman

We create a platform to centralizing the moderation of homogeneous and heterogeneous networks.

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