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Conexe is the world's leading lifestyle management and consultancy company based in Switzerland that provides different kinds of services like real estate, education, personal shopping, wedding, private parties, art, security, and medical services. Conexe team was looking to revamp their digital appearance to the next level to show their luxurious clients how they would be available and prepared for their lifestyle management and concierge services. Based on our previous experience with a similar project, we put a lot of effort into bringing this project as much as possible unique and enjoyable. We tried to do a diverse design with smooth and gentle interactions to make a purely unique experience for users.

  • Experience strategy
  • Creative direction
  • UI / UX design
  • Art direction
  • Front-End development
  • Back-End development

Unique experience

Conexe had a significant concern about responsiveness on devices with a unique experience without putting users into vertigo, and we came up with some solutions to make this happen. We classify their content in some sections and omit other relevant content in the first look, and then by touching the "more to explore" button, more content will be available. What we got in these changes makes a lot of space to navigate, and the result was satisfying for them.

Exclusive credit cards

Conexe was looking to give exclusive luxury credit cards to their clients to provide valuable offers and bring their top-notch services. They needed a unique and minimal concept for their credit card custom design, and we did unique and minimal design to make it more luxurious and exclusive.

Service on Demand

Providing unique services to exclusive clients required on-demand preparation to satisfy their ambitious lifestyle. Therefore Conexe needed an app to provide their clients with on-demand concierge services and bring the latest offers in front of them and be in touch with them in a glance.