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Million Awards


MillionAwards is a new social media and award to share and inspire digital arts like websites, mobile app, branding, graphic design, etc. MillionAwards intended to make an award in the concept of social media for people to share and communicate with each other. They planned to have a user-friendly platform to make it easy for creatives to share and communicate. In this project, we had such a strong collaboration with their in-house team to have a new social media from the beginning to the end in strategy, design, and development.

  • Experience strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Creative guidelines
  • Creative direction
  • UI / UX design
  • Art direction

Experience Strategy

This platform is designed based on user inspiration and engagement to give the ability to share their portfolios and communicate with other users.

Experience design

In addition to how content can show in a list of content, we come up with an idea to put content and posts in a column-based structure to make more space to explore and engage.

Voting system

Identifying digital trends is a complicated task, and judges have some difficulty identifying and voting for them. Our strategy was to design a new and complete voting system to cover all aspects of the judging process.

Our voting system is designed based on 0-100% to have a flexible range of voting points based on different factors depending on each submission category.

An Award just like a social media

We unify ideas, portfolios, jobs, and other features like posts, and we put standard social media elements like a profile page, notification area, chatting system to increase communication between users. The combination of this concept was successful.